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  • 45 Ft Flatbed Truck Trailer Uk

    45 Ft Flatbed Truck Trailer Uk

    45 ft flatbed trailer use and the environment: (1) Transport distance: Suitable for short, medium and long distance transportation .(2)Use of the environment: Urban roads, highways, etc. (3)Type of goods: Container,steel,etc. Steel selection from large domestic steel factory, the main trailer parts selection of domestic good brands. Paint uses well-known brand products, Pre-spray rustproof undercost, To ensure that the flatbed truck trailer’s body has a good corrosion prevention, rustproof performance.

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  • 3 Axle 40 Feet Flatbed Flat Bed Semi Trailer

    3 Axle 40 Feet Flatbed Flat Bed Semi Trailer

    3 axles flatbed semi trailer is specially designed for the transportation of various containers such as 2x20ft, 40ft. 40 feet flatbed trailer has a reasonable structure, reliable operation, and beautiful appearance. The variety of flat bed trailer can meet different customers’ needs. The whole manufacture is guaranteed by technology, with stable quality and reliable performance. The steel materials comes from domestic large-scale steel mills; the main parts purchased by domestic famous brands with reliable quality. The whole 40 feet flatbed trailer is shot peened and removed welding stress. The paint uses well-known brand products, pre-spray anti-rust primer, to ensure that the flatbed semi trailer body has good anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance.

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